- award winning novelist -

BIO: From the fields of Limerick to the lights of London - via Vienna, Manhattan, Montmartre, Palermo, Prague, Brussels, Berlin - some of the places I've worked, loved and laughed in. The day jobs are too numerous to mention.

The highbrow stuff:

  • Graduate of Vienna University, fluent in German, French & Italian.
  • EU interpreter in Brussels
  • UN radio journalist in New York
  • Tourist guide in Munich
  • BBC TV: researcher/producer. Scriptwriter
The lowbrow:
  • Paris - selling foie gras dressed up as an Alsatian in a railway station
  • Vienna - artists' model
  • London - playing a medieval sex crazed nun for a serious documentary
  • Philadelphia - hawking my sister's sophisticated jewelry in the Food Hall opposite a mountain of Amish chickens parts
But through the highs and lows the one constant was my writing: novels, feature scripts, sitcoms, non fiction, articles - and always, always with a dollop of humour. Enjoy!!